Sunday, May 01, 2011

Royal Weekend

Yes, I was up at 5am on Friday. We had lots of festivities at school too :)

My favourite Royal memorabilia:

Harry is my favourite royal. He keeps it interesting :). Buy the poster here.

I found these tea bags creepy yet amusing!
I can't believe that 2 billion people watched the wedding. Astounding. At school I let the kids watch the wedding highlights on You Tube. Who watched it? THE BOYS. Interesting..... I think that the boys liked the cars, the horses, the carriages, the uniforms, the soldiers, the planes doing the fly by. The girls were only interested in the princess, but they said that she didn't look like a "real" princess, so they lost interest. All were floored, however, when I told them that the woman they called "granny" was the queen. I don't think that I ever convinced them that she was the queen (no crown= no queen).


Barb Fine said...

Those teabags are a riot. thanks for finding them Martha!

Ray Boorman said...

I never thought MsB was a died in the wool royalist... She tried to wake me up too.. At that ungodly hour to see Harry's hair... I was not Amused and went back to sleep. Mr B...

MarissaDW said...

I taped 3 to 4 different channels for the Royal Wedding. And woke up at 6am to watch. Love the wedding gown.

I love Harry's hair.

Joanne Huffman said...

Great teabags, but they are a little weird. I didn't get up early, but I did watch it on the computer when I did get up.