Sunday, May 08, 2011

finally -- beautiful weather

We've been walking on the beaches the last few days... picking up driftwood for our dogproof fence, picking up beach glass, watching the sailboats and watching all of the busy life at the marinas, sailing clubs and rowing clubs.

(the dogproof fence)

I found lots of glass treasures!

Lauren and her friend Christina have a new rowing blog: Rowing is Awesome. It's modeled after the 1000 Awesome Things blog (which I read daily). Check it out if you row, have rowed or like rowing.


Anonymous said...

so lucky to score the beach glass -

we hardly ever get any.

And the dog proof fence? Hope it works.

Joanne Huffman said...

The dog proof fence looks like a good idea and is cute. The glass is a cool find.

Halle said...

Doggie fence is a great idea! I need a deer fence...I think I'd need much longer sticks!

jocelyn said...

Thanks for a couple of great links!