Thursday, November 11, 2010

Inspiration and upcoming Shows!

Someone asked me recently who my inspirations are (art wise). These are just some of them -- I'm sure that I've left a lot out...... This a list of my contemporaries, not historical inspirations:

Ruth Rae (fabric, layering, use of text, style)
Julie Arkell (mix of fabrics, embroidery, vintage, new)and Denise Litchfield too!
Colette Copeland (perfect simplicity)
Kelly Kilmer (ability to "just do it", journaling, paint, paper, tape, white pens)
Pam Garrison (colour, style, embroidery, vintage wallpaper)
Hope Wallace (journaling -- the way that she fills the page, black pens, white pens)
Nami Ogihara (layering, scraps, tape, mix of paper and fabric)
Corey Moortgat (gesso -- her "old style")
Tif Fussel (Dottie Angel)(vintage fabric, doilies)(and she has an Airstream!)
Mary Ann Moss (Remains of the day -- using up all of the "stuff", combining fabric and paper)
Line Juhl Hansen (encaustic -- layering of mixed media, composition, scale)

So, mix them all together and you get me :)

This is an example of on of my recent ornaments. I'll be selling these (and banners, cards and some scarves) at two shows/sales in the upcoming weeks in the Toronto area. The first is a smaller show in the Summerhill area on Saturday November 20. It's called the Handmade Holiday Sale and is at 76 Shaftsbury Avenue (1 block east of Summerhill Subway) 10am -4pm-ish.

The second the Movies and Makers Show on December 4 at the Fox Theatre in the Beach.
(the link above will take you to the blog where you will can "meet" many of the artists!)


Kelly Kilmer said...

Thank you, Martha!! I'm totally honored. You put a smile on my face today. :) thanks!!!

Joanne Huffman said...

I wish I were close enough to go to your shows.

Anonymous said...


I see we have a few artists in common that give us soul and eye candy.

Thankyou for including me.. I am off to visit some names on the list I don't know yet... for sure they will be wonderful

Sandy Michelle said...

I'm going to try hard to make it to your sale! Have a great week Martha!

Sandy xox

A bird in the hand said...

And you are an inspiration to me.
I'm coming to your show on Saturday because it's a short walk to Shaftesbury Ave.