Monday, November 08, 2010


I LOVE making banners!

I made this black and white one for my mom's "Noteworthy Christmas" . This year her theme is black and white with naturals and a touch of red. It's all about "notes" . This can be broadly interpreted -- musical notes, hand written notes, notebooks?

I made some other banners for my etsy shop -- keeping with more traditional Christmas colours of red and white. (If you would like a black and white one you can email me!) They are made from muslin and the letters are cut from quilting cottons.
(if anyone has any ideas on how to photograph these better -- please share -- I wanted to photograph them in a doorway, but if I use natural light -- i.e. no flash, then the background is VERY distracting, unless I skew them like this.... And if I use a flash, they are so blown out and not as pretty as they are in real life)

Really pretty fabric ornaments to come!!!! (and lots more for my etsy shop -- AND a preview of what will be in some upcoming shows -- more on that later in the week!!)

I've also put some of my punched aluminum stars in my shop....


Kim Mailhot said...

Purdy stuff, Miss Martha !

Patti G. said...

Pretty banner for your Mom , Martha! DARLING!
Hugs, and Happy Holidays early....

Elizabeth said...

I so love your banners!!! Can't wait to see your new fabric ornaments!! I love the blue fabric star that you made for me several years ago!!!

Anonymous said...

I had a banner
trip recently too.

They are so satisfying to make.

And yes I had trouble photographing them, it was against the whitest wall i could find.

Lisa PN said...

lovely! i can't wait to get my hands on some of the aluminum stars!

Sandy Michelle said...

Your fabric banners are great and I LOVE using your tin stars in all of my art work!

Sandy xo