Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dia De Los Muertos

Yesterday we traveled down College street to the ElMocambo. Upstairs was a super cool festival!
There was an escapist, a rockin DJ -- some burlesque dancers, a magician. And lots of cool shopping. I bought a hair clip made from a zipper, and some cool notecards and tags (did I really need these?) and I bought a Frida magnet from Carmi. If it wasn't for Carmi -- I never would have known about the event. Thanks Carmi! I hope that they do it again next year. I loved it. (In the evening there were bands. I'm too old for bands. They all happen after my bedtime)

left: dj misty (she has great playsits on her blog)

centre: red herring (fabulous burlesque)

right: magician gabriello pitman (So cute. So talented)

This picture is from Nancy's blog -- I was so overwhelmed,(and a bit tired) so I forgot to take out my camera!


nancy said...

it was a fun event,
hope it catches on for next year!
so many interesting people,
and i too would need a nap before i could spend the nite out watching the bands!!!!

Irene said...

You two sound like you've got one foot in the grave, I just wake up at midnight, oh wait, I don't wake up I can't sleep, everything hurts when I lay down. I should go next year. Will it bother my hearing aid? Just kidding. Looks like you had a great time. Were husbands involved?

Joanne Huffman said...

When I hear "Dia De Los Muertos," I don't usually or immediately think of Toronto. Glad you had fun; it looks like an interesting event.

EG Wow said...

Isn't it great the many events we can go to in Toronto? I wish I visited the city more often...even though I am a country girl at heart.

jc said...

Who Knew??? Thanks for sharing Dia de los Muertos!

Sandy Michelle said...

What an awesome event! I;ll have to go next year!

Sandy xox

Kristin said...

LOL! Bands would be past my bedtime too! Sounds like such a cool event - and I am so curious about that zipper hair clip - glad you had fun and thanks for your visit, Kristin xo

natalea said...

that sounds awesome! I didn't think the el macombo was still open...I love T.O.!
happy Halloween MArtha! xo nat