Saturday, July 10, 2010

today is about inspiration

(today's journal page features some wonderful artists -- clockwise from the top left: Michelle Purchase; Alice Jarry; Gillian Farnsworth; Lizz Aston; Beverley Hawksley; Kelly Grace)
(the images in my journal are from the artist's business cards, moo cards and postcards -- the images below are from their blogs or websites)

Today Mr. B and I went to the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. It is my favourite art show and sale of the year. This year I saw so much that I wanted to buy! But we are on a tight budget right now, so I could only be inspired.... But what inspiration it was!

My favourites:
*in brackets is the booth number if you plan on going on Sunday!*
** click on their names to see their websites**

Gillian Farnsworth (Green 352)(I really wanted a piece by Gillian)
Michelle Purchase (Green 332)
Alice Jarry and Jason Cantoro (Yellow 663)
Kelly Grace (Orange 416)
Beverley Hawksley (Turquoise 451)
Sheila Norgate (White 24)


Joanne Huffman said...

You saw some great art. It's very cool that you were allowed to take pictures for inspiration. And, think of all the great art you'll be making next month : )

sandee said...

Don't you just love a great art show? Gary and I went to one in Greenwich CT at the beginning of the summer. We knew we were out of our league when we saw a large welded rooster for $18,000!

Are you coming this way at all this summer?

iHanna said...

Yummy eye candy!