Monday, July 05, 2010

Summer vacation! WooHoo!

Finally -- it's here! Today is the first real day of y vacation (real means that the others in the house have gone back to work-- I'm alone.......)
But the list of things to do is building up.
Here's how my summer is looking:
- make polar fleece mittens for next year's kids (40 pair)
- make felt food for my dramatic play centre
- organize phys ed lessons
- do my Reggio readings (have almost a dozen books)
- make baby gifts for J
- assemble my Christmas themed tip in book -- the last pages are here!
- mount the white 3x3 swap squares (they were in Sew Somerset -- the swap was over a year ago)
- prepare for week at the cottage
- prepare for 2 weeks in Phoenix
- organize the art studio (I could likely do this every weekend for the rest of my life)
- cut the dogs hair
- make some zombie dolls for some certain deserving people
- paint the trim in the bedroom (waiting 2 years)
- finish painting the basement (I started last summer)
- tackle the removal of 100 years of wallpaper and paint off the front hall walls
- battle the slugs!
- buy a new bike and ride to the beach almost every day :)

Today I'm making thank you cards. It's about 10 billion degrees here today. Okay, perhaps I exaggerate a bit. It feels like 10 billion degrees today..... I've also done my income taxes today (yes, I'm a few months late.....) and I did Lauren's taxes too.... and I ordered some school supplies for the fall....

Tomorrow I shall ride my new bike to the swimming pool and swim a mile...... I love summer :)


me again said...

Whew! I'm pooped just reading your list :-)

I say, take a nap............


Jo Wholohan said...

me too!!! take a break dear girl, enjoy your holidays xx

nancy said...

WOW!! alot to do in only 8 weeks!!!
if you figure lout how to handel the slugs let me know

vivian said...

thats a lot of plans! did you buy the bike yet? I ride mine all the time!
have fun!!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

I love lists. I love crossing things off the list. Then of course if you have leftovers, you get to make a new list. Perhaps we should try mixing it up a bit by trading lists!! Have a nice vacation Mrs. B.

Joanne Huffman said...

Very busy! Love the 2 weeks in Phoenix part.

Susan Williamson said...

I think you need an assistant Martha ...somebody to strip your wallpaper, cut the dog's hair, finish painting the basement and so on. If I win the lottery I'm buying you one.

MarissaDW said...

That's quite a list Martha. I love only if I can find it. LOL!

Enjoy your vacation! Hope to see you one of the ATC nights, too bad I won't be there on Friday. Have fun!

Maija said...

I'm exhausted from reading your list!!
I can't wait until you get here!!!!

Amanda Pedro said...

I used to love summer when I was a teacher. I would waste it all and spend the last 2 weeks before school trying to do all the painting and redecorating I was to do over the summer. That was all pre-children of course. Now I love summer for other reasons.
have a good one.

Unknown said...

It really is 10 billion degrees out there :) Did you get affected by the black out? Don't forget to add the milagros to your very loooong! Good luck getting it all done!

Sandy xox

sandee said...

Yay! Off for the summer! I have a list too and I chip away at it. Most of it got done!!!!

Love these cards. The recipients are so lucky!!!

Lisa PN said...

just amazing.
me, i am just working on a baby ;-)

hugs to you!