Friday, March 12, 2010

lonny mag

(this is a cover from the premier edition of Lonny -- We're now at issue 3)

Have you read lonny mag? It's an online magazine full of home decor goodness. Best of all -- it's free! and 218 pages of fabulousness! (I'm sure that advertising somehow pays for it) Are online magazines our future? I LOVE paper magazines. I read them every night in bed while I'm falling asleep. I can't see me doing that with my laptop.... and I haven't bought a Kindle (lol -- because I'm waiting for an ipad!) The Eco-me wants to embrace online magazines -- but the tactile artist me will likely pay a premium for a paper magazine..... Anyway -- lonny is great -- but I have a super huge computer screen -- I need to check it out on the laptop... the BEST part about online magazines are their clickable links. I fill my paper magazines with sticky note bookmarks, intending to go back and check out the links, but I rarely do....
Anyway... Lonny Mag rocks...I love the online version. Would I buy it if it was paper? You betcha!
(would I pay extra for both -- no way. Some magazines that I subscribe to offer their online versions for free -- that is a bonus. Some you have to pay EXTRA to view the online version. That's so not cool)
Do you know of some other (free) must-read online magazines? Please share!
Here are some that I read:
We Love Crafts (in Spanish -- but pretty to look at :)

You know -- I'd like to be one of those people who blogs for a living.... Maybe I'll test it out over Spring Break next week.....

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