Saturday, February 20, 2010

One World, One Heart

Well, Woodland Wanderings, who won my giveaway, hasn't gotten back to me -- I have emailed her (I think that it's a woman :) and I have left comments on her blog. If I haven't heard back by 6pm on Sunday February 21, I'll choose another name.
***EDIT*** Whew -- just in time! Kelley of Woodland Wanderings emailed me this afternoon. She's been having some computer/internet problems due to the awful weather happening in the east. Congratulations, Kelley -- your bag is on its way!!!
(Shall I have another bag giveaway soon?)


MarissaDW said...

Great for us! We have another chance to win your bag.

Jen said...

yay! another chance =D

Piper said...

I'm here and just in the nick of time! Sorry to have caused any problems-- I've been grappling with a series of computer and life problems-- hence the delay. I'm THRILLED to have won and will email you with my shipping address if it's not too late. Thank you so much for tracking me down!

Heather said...