Sunday, February 28, 2010

Oh Canada!

(The guys are bobsledding.)

As the Olympics come to a close, I have to share some paintings that my students made (sorry, I just couldn't resist!) (to see lots more, go to my other blog -- Ms. Brown's Classroom). We have loved learning about the Olympics. So much that I am going to buy the special commemorative DVD about the Olympics the CTV is putting out. (it's $60!!) I really wanted to show them each sport, but I wasn't organized enough to tape them (truth be told, I don't even know how to tape things on tv -- it never works for me :). The DVDs won't come for 6 weeks -- but I figure that I'll use them again in 4 years. And it has a history of the olympics, etc etc.... am I crazy? My friend and her teenagers were laughing at the commercial for the dvds saying "Who on earth would want to buy them?" So if you want to borrow my dvds, I'd love to share them to make it worth my while :) Does anyone have these same dvds for the Summer Olympics? I'd love to show the swimming to my swim team..... (I coach grade 4-8 swim team)(and I also pretend to teach grade 4-8 FolkFest -- folkdancing -- not an Olympic sport... yet.....)

(She is playing hockey)


Sonia ;) said...

That is it


quiltmom said...

Great paintings - I love the colors and the way they have written their stories.
Thanks for sharing-
There were so many great moments in this Olympics- hard to pick one favorite one.

natalea said...

the paintings are so cute!
have a great week Martha!
xo natalea

Elizabeth said...

Wondrful paintings by your kids!! i don't think that youa re crazy at all, especially as this Games was so fabulous and contained so many wonderful messages about human interaction. I am so very glad that it all went so well for Canada- you really rocked the games!!!

Joanne Huffman said...

Delightful! And congrats to Canada on the hockey game.

Melinda Cornish said...

these are fun, I am glad you showed them!

Sharon said...

Your children show real talent! The skier in the crouch position! How perfect is that! I should also buy the dvd - there were quite a few races that weren't covered. I kept flipping from one chanel to the next in hopes of finding some luge. By the way, does anyone know the difference between luge and skeleton? Is it the body position on the sled? Supine vs prone? Do you think the PM paid for his Olympic gear? I loved the black jacket.

A bird in the hand said...

Yeah. She won, too :)

Your friend and her teenagers are the ones who are crazy (sorry!). Get the DVD.


Contessa Kris said...

What adorable paintings! I didn't get to watch as much of the olympics as I would like but I did watch a couple skiing events. Fun and kinda scary really.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my tutorial.

Jen Spinner said...

You must have seen the hockey game on Sunday! So great, huh? These painting are adorable. I say, buy the DVD. By the time it comes in the mail, the Winter Olympics will be a distant memory that you'll get to relive via your new purchase!

Thanks for the tip about the fading transfers. Actually, that makes me even more intrigued to use them in something, knowing the ink will eventually fade away completely.

sukigirl said...

I'm having Olympic withdrawal like everyone else. It's always great to have a reason to show how much we love our country.
Your kids' paintings are wonderful!
Kids that age seem to be so spontaneous with their art...they just dive in unlike some of us.
Good lesson to learn.