Thursday, January 01, 2009

Ringing in the New Year

What I'm hoping for in 2009

1. Health -- can I have a year of good health? please? pretty please?
2. Balance -- finding a better balance between school (work), home (family and friends), and art (includes blogging and surfing). It's all so important to me, and I'm feeling that it's all slipping a bit.....Ray and I have set aside Monday nights for journaling nights (we're working through some prompts by Keri Smith). I'd like to visit my parents more often too. ... I need to find a way to make art in the car.....
3. Organization -- I need to get this house organized! I can't use the "I just moved in" line anymore. Everything needs a home..... I've abandoned my studio and I work at my kitchen table now.....

Wow -- Have you seen Tamara's blog??? I just want to say that what I wish for for the new year is what she said. Go over and see for yourself! I think I'll just give up on my list now, since I've seen hers.... although I think that the world DOES need more cupcakes, LOL.

Happy New Year Everyone!


Joanne Huffman said...

I think that doing art is the car is a great idea, but it won't work for me because I usually do the driving.

Happy 2009!


Elizabeth said...

Your comment about having given up on your studio and moving to the kitchen table really hit home!!! i have a beautiful space downstairs but it looks like a very creative and colorful explosion happened and all that I want to do is make art!! Id o not want to use precious time to clean it up and orgnaize it and get rid of stuff! So I excavate for what I need and leave the room!! WHat a slob I am!!! I feel so guilty about it and I know that so very many creative people would kill to have the space!! I need to just get a grip and get it done!!!!! i'll come help you with yours if you come help with mine!!! (Wouldn't ath be fun??!!!) Going through someone else's stuff is soooooo b much more fun!!!

Big Happy New Years hugs to you !!
I love the white book spreads that you did for january- sooooo Martha!!!
Hugs again!

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