Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Show Me Wednesdays!

This week's Show Me theme is "sewing machines" . This is my very trusty Bernina -- my mom gave it to me in around 1983 as a graduation present (high school). (thank you mom -- it has been my favourite gift EVER) It has sewn everything from prom dresses, to repairing diapers and everything in between. It has had one tune up ever (I burnt out the foot pedal -- and took it in to get a new one and thought I'd tune it up while I was there) and that was last year. To see everyone elses machines go to the Show me Wednesday blog (see link button to the right).

I'm also showing my beautiful old treadle Singer base. My mom just gave it to me last week! Growing up, it had an aquarium on it in our tv room. then, when the fish died, it came up to the kitchen, and our microwave was on it for years. The marble top has been on it as long as I remember. I don't think that it ever had the original machine on it. Did it mom? Was it grandma's? I can't remember. I've thought about putting my Bernina on it, but I like the 60's table that it is on (and yes, there is another machine in that sewing machine table)(I have 3 working machines) I LOVE the drawers in that table. All of my bobbins and most used thread is right there, at my fingertips. If I used the Singer stand, it wouldn't be.....
We were also supposed to show our messy studios. I don't know how mine got this messy this fast, because I haven't actually created anything yet. (for any newbies to my blog, I just moved) but I'm getting ready to make a fabric spread in Belinda's book.


Joanne Huffman said...

I just bought my first Bernina a few months ago and absolutely love it. And, now you have proof that studios get messy all by themselves.


Cathy said...

Martha, lucky you to have a Bernina! I've always wanted one. They're good machines. Love your treadle table too and don't ask me how our rooms get so messy--I think some little elves must come in at night. I'm sure it's not us! LOL! Thanks for joining us!

Cathy :)

Jacky said...

Snap.... I think we have the same sewing machines my trusty Bernina.
I bought mine before my first son was born and he is now 23. It looks the same.
Poor love, it has never had a service, but I am always thinking I must get it done (it deserves it!!!). But, I do worry that it wont come back the same - exceptionally trustworthy.
Love seeing your art room too...just lately mine always looks like that!!!!