Monday, June 30, 2008

My Dolly

I made this spread for Barb for my "Colour Me Silly" RR tip in.Aren't dollies fun?

On that note -- to reward myself for a job well done with my report cards (error free, commented my principal!) I bought myself a Raggedy Old Annie from Nicole Ellison. Here she is! And she even smells nice!


Unknown said...

Yup anything doll related is pretty awesome! That's a great piece! Enjoy your cute doll!

Joanne Huffman said...

Your page is fun and your new doll is a delight.


Kasha Rolley said...

Martha, I love the page you made with dollies, it is stunning.

Maija said...

Yippee! I love your dolly! I'll send you a photo of mine- they are such cute girls. My dog Scout chewed off the hair on one side of her head, though.

I love the colors on your page!

Jacky said...

Oh Martha, I love Old Annie (as you know I'm quite taken with dolls)...she is exquisite.

Love the pages you have made for the Round Robin too (continuing with the dollie theme).