Thursday, August 09, 2007

Questions answered

Sometimes people ask me questions in the comment section -- but I can't reply because I don't know your email address, LOL, or I figure that you're not going to read the comments section again for a reply. I could edit the post, but do you really go back and re-read posts? Not likely. If you really want an answer to a question -- email me privately -- my address is in my profile.

Tag Charms on my Keely Bracelet (August 3): We took pieces of acrylic (from CoffeeBreak Designs -- good luck reaching them.....) and used diamond glaze to attach paper, and then to seal the backs. I have also had really good luck using plastic microscope slides. I score them with an exacto knife, snap them apart, drill holes (or punch with my crop-a-dile, my favourite tool). Then I sandwich paper between two pieces of plastic -- adhering it with diamond glaze -- you have to squeeze it to make a good seal. The bracelet itself is woven from Conso cord -- in a macrame kind of weave -- a figure 8 weave -- if you want more instructions, please email me.

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