Tuesday, August 07, 2007

beads beads beads

I needed to do something that would come easy to me....... so, here are some fabric beads that I made last week. It takes forever to sew on the seed beads. The black ones look very elegant in person -- they have a black and brown kind of flocked taffeta base, then are wrapped with tulle and black fibres, and then beaded with a metallic coffee coloured bead. I had lots of fun with the colourful ones -- upholstery fabrics, eyelash yarns, and some other fibres, all topped off with some larger beads. Some of these are for a swap, and some are to be sew onto future projects..... (you really need to click on the picture for this one)


Joanne Huffman said...

Beautiful beads! I'm glad you said to click to make it larger, so I got to see the wonderful beads and fibers adding such rich texture to these.

Maija said...

Those beads are gorgeous! So rich with color and texture!