Thursday, May 24, 2007


This is the spread that I did for Terry's CJ -- May 21-27 -- as you can see. I love those eyes in the lower left corner -- they are 2 separate stamps from Cat's Life Press -- one of my favourite rubber stamp companies. In Toronto you can buy them at Bizzy B's. Tell Barb that I sent you! LOL. The "Can you see me" stamp is also Cat's Life. I'm trying to use my rubber stamps more often. Although they do look really pretty on my shelf..... (the unmounted ones don't look so pretty. You know, if unmounted and mounted cost the same, I'd get mounted)(lots of people wouldn't)
I'm off now to finish cleaning out my basement bedroom (my art supply storage room) Lauren is moving home for the summer. I'll keep you all posted about my sanity during the next four months.


Joanne Huffman said...

Martha, I love the way you've used the DaVinci pictures in your spreads.

BohemianD said...

I also need to use my bazillion of rubber stamps more. And, pathetically, if I can't SEE the stamp while i'm in my craftroom, I don't use it. Which is why I'm in full agreement that mounted are better for me. Unmounted are cheaper so that is what I mostly have and those are usually my favorite images but I still use the ones I can SEE more often! D'oh!