Sunday, May 27, 2007


I'm a magazine-oholic. Well. it's better now than it used to be.
This is what I'm reading in bed these days:
1. Cloth Paper Scissors (I have a subscription to this one!)I love it for all of the new techniques. Bimonthly
2. Quilting arts - I buy it occasionally, again, for the techniques. (sister to Cloth Paper Scissors). Bimonthly
3. Somerset Studio - EYE CANDY. There is so much to see. I buy every issue of this one, and many issues of their "sister" publications. Bimonthly
4. Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion - you wouldn't think that I am a Mary Engelbreit sort of person, put this publication is so pretty. And I got a cheap subscription....Bimonthly
5. LivingEtc - a British home magazine. I've been buying it for about 6 years. It used to be hard to find, but now it's everywhere. Monthly

and my new favourite:
Craft -- it's a tiny zine (small format -- but thick!)-- and quite expensive (about $18 here) -- but I loved every single page in Issue 3 -- it's debut in Canada. This issue focused on Japanese cool crafts -- but there were lots of articles on other stuff -- including a "how to make hypertufa pots" and one about the current Blythe doll craze! The articles are quite short -- but there are lots of wesite links -- my copy is full of post it notes! It's put out by the publishers of MAKE ! Quarterly

** check out all of the websites, there are always lots of fun extras!


Joanne Huffman said...

hmmm. I'm a magazine-aholic, too. I'll have to keep my eye open for Craft.

Raine K said...

I love all of those mags too! Including Home Companion (one I don't admit to very often). I haven't bought Craft yet - but love looking at it in the bookstore!

Anonymous said...

HEY its Chucky in drag and Bride! --creeeeeepy!

Heather Simpson-Bluhm said...

Yay Blythe!! My 5th is on the way! LOL Don't buy one cause then you will just blame me for the obsession.

How's the dots??

Anonymous said...

Yeah Martha, I just read that magazine cover to cover. It really caught my eye too! It is very modern! I loved that article about the seven crafty guys. I got a Blythe on ebay too. I know, I know, therapy is always an option, but I have loved all those photos of the dolls on Flickr for so long. I got a Japanese pattern book for it and I got a second doll already for my daughter because she is finishing middle school and going off to high school next year. Shh, it is going to be a surprise. And I got ... Oh, you are just going to think I am crazy. Great magazine, I agree.

Anonymous said...

There's a new group for a Blythe Chunky book I heard about - started by Shoshanah. Thought you might like to check it out: I'm not participating, but I bet it will be a fun swap! :) Hugs, tamara