Saturday, July 20, 2019

Watermelon Rind Pickles

Different kind of creativity. Every year I make a couple of jars of watermelon rind pickles. They are sweet, sour and spicy. They’re made from the white part of the rind - so first you have to eat a watermelon. That was no problem :) 

The berries are late this year! Sadly, the Saskatoon berries are few and far between this year - and it looks like my pin cherries were hit by frost after blossoming. Blueberries are starting to ripen! It looks like there will be (another!) bumper crop of raspberries, but they aren’t even close to ready and I have to keep the deer/porcubearaccoon away. Hopefully the blackberries will be ripe before we go home. 

I also foraged some beach peas from the wharf  road. Delicious. 

I really am living my best life here....

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