Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Today in Port Mouton - Rubber Boots

So, today I am going to rant about RUBBER BOOTS. Because rubber boots drive me crazy. And you need rubber boots here in rainy Port Mouton. (actually, in the summer it is not so rainy here, but the dew in the morning is very wet!)

Anyway, here are my boots. From left to right:
Canadian Tire
Liberty for Target

I have had many many many pair of rubber boots over the years. I LOVE rain boots.

The Liberty ones here are my very favourite boots. But I never wear them. Because they have a crack in them (see below). They've had a crack in them since the first summer that I bought them. I just keep them because they look so pretty lined up with the others. Don't judge. They seem to be of such great quality. They are lined. They have the cute calf buckles. They are Liberty. I cannot believe that Liberty put their name to such crap.

Here's my rant.
Why can't rubber boot manufacturers make rainboots that won't crack? My hardware store specials ($12) will last forever. I wear them almost every day all summer. Mucking around in the garden, the pond, walking the dog, whatever. They look the same as the day I bought them. The super cute Liberty ones, and every other fun pair I have ever purchased get cracks in them within the year. What's with that?

Last year I donated 3 pair of boots to a store in my neighbourhood (in Toronto) so they could plant flowers in them. At least they didn't go to landfill (right away).

The Kamik ones up there don't have cracks in them, but I hardly ever wear them because they are too small around my calf -- they are for bare legs or for skinny guests, lol. (but they look nice in the boot lineup, don't they?). But they are also some shiny plastic -- maybe not rubber? Anyway -- I've heard that Kamik boots are built to last - and are a viable alternative to Hunters, which I covet, but I just cannot spend $180 on rubber boots!

What kind of boots do you have? Do they stand the test of time, or crack within a season?


Joanne Huffman said...

I've never been comfortable in rubber boots (fat calves)

A bird in the hand said...

Haaa! My legs rattle around in rubber boots. I haven't had a pair for years, not since Ireland anyway where you do need them....