Thursday, August 08, 2013

Today in Port Mouton.. summer is slipping away...

So I made slipcovers!!
I've never made slipcovers before -- but I've been procrastinating waiting for over 20 years to make these!

A kitchen island/ peninsula sure comes in handy as a cutting surface! (note Lie To Me on Netflix on my iPad)

I traced some parts and made paper patterns, and some parts I just measured and cut (the straight parts)
Then I pinned the pieces to the chair:

(can you guess what I used to make these? No? Painters dropcloths! It took 1 drop cloth (5x12 feet) to make each cover. With very little to spare. I made 4 coasters from the scraps!  Not bad for under $13.

The back and sides are pinned together:

And sewn and turned to check the fit (I basted it all together first, then trimmed the seams and finished them at the end. For the second one I trimmed and finished after each step because it made sewing on the skirt much easier)

 The seat base and the skirt, pinned!

Finished - except for the seat cushion:

This is what the seat cushion looks like :)

Andy seems to think that this is his own, personal chair.


Then I made the second one. It wasn't quite as fun as the first one.

Sorry that they are such a boring colour Meep! Meep has been hearing me talk about these for two decades. They were supposed to be burgundy... green.... velvet... patchwork velvet..... and, uhhh... I have all of the fabric for them.... but in the white beach house, they have to be white, right?


A bird in the hand said...

Very excellent. I would never attempt that myself... however, I did make curtains for the balcony windows from painter's dropcloths. Well, one panel. Three more to go. xoxo

Joanne Huffman said...

I'm VERY impressed. I've never made slipcovers. Andy looks like he's enjoying the summer.

Amanda Pedro said...

most awesome work lady. Now you can sit on your work! Hope to see you sometime soon. I may have a day or two in the early next week.

vivian said...

wow Martha! I'm impressed! I am going to have to buy some eventually for my couch and love seat... someday!
enjoy the rest of your summer.

jocelyn said...

You made that slipcover project look easy, and I know it wasn't. I love how it turned out - the perfect look for a summer place. Check in when you're back and we'll get out the jellies!