Sunday, February 03, 2013

Living a kinder life

Some people out in bloglandia are focusing on kindness.
Jane LaFazio is doing The Kindness Chronicles -- the first Sunday of every month. I'm going to try to follow her lead :)

For the month of February at school we will be focusing on Kindness -- I'm challenging the kids to perform 100 Acts of Kindness -- hopefully, after that we will be able to spontaneously give up some random kindness to our peers (and teachers)(and parents). Kindness is an important quality to impress upon the children, no?

How will I show Kindness? 
Well, this is one way:
Jane Davies is a collage artist and painter whose work I greatly admire (I even have some of her instructional videos as well as one of her books, Collage Journey). She owns a post office in a small town -- Rupert, Vermont. The United States Postal Powers That Be have cut the hours of service and will potentially close this very cute little post office! She is trying to show the Postal Powers that her PO is needed. -- she has to show that it is bringing in revenue (I can't help with that) and also showing that it has a healthy volume of mail. That's where she needs some help! She's asking people to send her an art postcard (to make this fun, right?). Read more about it here, and get Jane's address. She'll show your postcard on her blog, and if you are fast enough, she might send you one in return!


vivian said...

what a sweet little post office! I know there is talk about cutting saturday mail out here. I dont think I would like that much. I love the hundred acts of kindness idea!
Hope all is well with you Martha!

jocelyn said...

100 hundred ACts of Kindness beats the 100 miles I ran in public school one year. What a great challenge for the kids! Love the wee post office too!