Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sweet Paul and more!

It's time to read online magazines again!

Sweet Paul -- and don't forget the Sweet Paul blog either!

Rue is a new one!

I haven't read the whole Aug/Sept Lonny yet and its new website is fantastic!

Why you're here -- does anyone know where (if?) you can get Anthology magazine in Toronto (it's new and I want it). You can look at a preview here. From the website it looks like you have to order issues -- but has anyone seen it on a newsstand?


Anonymous said...

I forgot about sweet paul..
it's all about the japanese craft magazines...

rebecca said...

hey martha!!!
thanks for the these on line magazines. how could i NOT know about these?
you open doors!


me again said...

I am learning so much by blog reading today! Thanks for the info; I shall be reading my little heart out!
Oh, I have not seen Anthology on any newsstands here in the east end.

Susan Williamson said...

I really like the concept of online magazines because I've always felt guilty that I buy so many and think about the trees. Now all we have to worry about are filling up our hard drives.

Sandy Michelle said...

You now got me hooked on Sweet Paul. Its a fantastic magazine!

Sandy xox