Saturday, May 08, 2010

My life in lists -- Things I don't like

Lists really do drive my life.

Todays list:

Things that I don't like
1. Fluorescent lighting. Even the compact ones. Ray changed most of our lights to them when we moved in. I am working on changing them back. Yes, I realize that they are better for the environment. But my mental health suffers. And if Martha is crabby, everybody is crabby.

2. Green candy. Green is my favourite colour (light green). I love candy. But green candy is yucky. Closely followed by yucky yellow candy.

3. Yellow. Pale butter yellow is okay. maybe.

3. Mashed foods. No, I don 't like mashed potatoes. Mashed food is for babies. It's a texture thing.

4. Telephones. I'd rather walk a mile down the street with a stone in my shoe to tell someone something than to phone them. I'm seriously thinking of getting rid of my phone altogether. Email rocks! Bring on the iPad, people! See, I'm no luddite!

5. Cars. I hate getting into cars. I'm a public transit gal. And I like to walk, and to ride my bike. Actually, I'd be most happy if I never had to leave the house. and garden.

6. Public speaking to anyone over the age of about 13. Although once I get going, it's hard to get me to stop. Get out the hook!

7. Bathrooms that I've never been to. I hate going into new bathrooms. Even in private homes. I think that it's the finding them that stresses me out. I know that I can't get lost in someone's house, but the opening of wrong doors really bothers me. This one is the closest to a phobia that I have.

7. Showers. I'm a bath girl. I don't like the feeling of water falling on me. I stood under a waterfall once, and yes, it was pretty, but I still didn't like it.

8. Panty hose. They are SO UNCOMFORTABLE. I only wear skirts when it's warm out. With bare legs. Although this year I've been wearing skirts with leggings and my Blundstones.

9. Walking the dog after a long day at work. I love the dog. And he is SOOOO happy to see me when I get home. BUT. I hate that feeling on the way home that says"yes, you'll be home in 5 minutes, but you have another 45 minute walk ahead of you" It's enough to make me not want to come home.....

10. Worms on the street after it rains. I hate the smell, and they look yucky. I don't mind them in the garden though. I just hate walking through them......


Anonymous said...

Oh Shoot!
I was just going to phone.

Joanne Huffman said...

Put your list on things that I DO like.

natalea said...

that's so funny Martha- I was just thinking the other day of how we're always making lists on our blogs of things we love, but it would be fun to make a list of what we can't stand! then I thought people would be thinking i'n the cup-half-full type of person...but i didn't think that of that was a fun list! I mean lets be real- we all DO hate stuff! I have to tell you though..when it comes to showers- it is my favorite thing on the planet! I am not a bath person because I don't like the quiet sound of moving around in the water. Funny the things we like and don't!
Have a Happy Mothers Day my friend!
xo natalea


Oh I love this post! Thank you for this! I need to reply to some blog tags and awards and never know what to write about myself but I think I could manage a list of things I DON'T like!

Have a good week
Carolyn ♥

Maija said...

# 6 is very true......

Anonymous said...

oh you are soooo cute!

thanks for being so quirky and honest.

I'd stay home too, and I hate talkng on the phone - answering the bloody thing more!