Sunday, May 03, 2009


Last weekend, instead of making art, I learned to row. Lauren was running an Introduction to Rowing at her boat club and I decided to support her the best that I could. I kind of thought that I'd be making cookies or providing band aids to blistered hands. But no, she expecting me to squish my butt into a very narrow and tippy boat, and be a team player.(I'm third from the left in both pictures)
(also: we were short 2 people so we have 2 empty spots in our "eight")
(click on the pictures to really see my bad form)
Do you know what "catching a crab" is? Well, I caught two. And that's not a good thing. But at least I didn't fall out of the boat! "Catching a crab" is when you take a stroke and your blade is not completely on the square so your oar gets stuck in the water. Here is a clip from the US rowing safety video on how to catch a crab:

I think that I'll stick with making art.... or kayaking or canoeing. I'll post some kayaking pictures of me later in the summer. Lauren can be the rower in the family. She needs to be better than her mommy at something, LOL. (that comment was totally tongue-in-cheek -- she is better than me at almost everything... not that I'd ever admit it....)


Anonymous said...

Yea team!!
I wish that I had been there!

Love gramma

What a great mother you are Martha!

Joanne Huffman said...

I am very impressed that you got in that skinny little boat (I would have gotten my oars all akimbo and tangled) - what a good mommy you are!


Becca said...

That looks like a workout!

Unknown said...

I have always wanted to go dragon boat racing, you're so lucky (even though your caught 'crabs'..LOL)! Hope you got all prepared for the retreat. Good luck with getting all the report cards done soon!


Maija said...

Crewing with your daughter- you are an adventurous mom!