Saturday, April 04, 2009

journal folder

I like working on unbound pages, yet I like the idea of a journal. I made this journal folder with some super heavy interfacing inside, and I padded it with polarfleece scraps. I'm going to embellish the cover quite a bit more. It's a work in progress!


Leslie Jane Moran said...

This is perfect. I was just recently lamenting about how I was going to bind some single journal pages I did. This is the answer. I'm still working on your first bit of inspiration, namely: doing all the backgrounds at one time. Clearly, your organized primary teacher mind appeals to my work methods. Thanks for this post. I love it!

Daffie Online said...

This idea is super :-)

Joanne Huffman said...

This is a beautiful and brilliant solution to the dilemma of multi-dimensional journaling. You are a genius as well as an artist.


Sandy Michelle said...

How was Art Fest??? Did you get my image for the purses? This is cute! I made a similar one but for a small photo album.


Maija said...

Freaking fabulous!!!!!