Saturday, October 11, 2008

Halloween Ornaments

I made these for a swap on Creative Chix. They are pretty much all fabric except for the resin coated paper on the skull. I printed my favourite Halloween ATC (the little witch) onto fabric! (that ATC was featured in Somerset's Holidays and Celebrations Publication last year)

The ones that I made for the swap are double sided (girl on one side, skull on the other).But I made 2 single sided ones for myself :) I'm super busy with school right now, and am scrambling to keep up with art commitments. I made the Halloween pieces in the summer -- I try to only do swap art on my vacations (Summer, Christmas and Spring Break). The Round Robins and tip ins keep me busy the rest of the year!


Pilo Gui said...

Excellent pieces of imagination. If I were you I have found my vocation. I will teach and sell my dream products. They are just fascinationg.

Joanne Huffman said...

very cool ornaments. And how smart of you to plan ahead and get them done in the summer.


Pam said...

These are wonderful. Great ornaments. Wish I could plan in advance like you do.

Pam said...

Thank you! Thank you!!!!! I can't believe that I received one of these great Halloween ornaments. It is wonderful and already on display. I love it.

The apron is soooooooo lovely. I'm so glad we were partners.

barbara burkard said...

love this girlie skull!