Sunday, February 24, 2008

Monica's Wedding

My friend Monica got married yesterday to Peter. It was a beautiful ceremony in the chapel at The Old Mill -- and then we went to a reception at Le Jardin. I don't know how she does it, but Monica looks younger now than when I met her -- about 10 years ago. I met her at a neighbourhood community centre when I started lifeguarding. My new house is right across the street from the same centre -- life is coming around in a circle. I got to see many old friends -- some who still work at the same community centre -- so I'll be seeing them a lot more really soon!
Here we are last night -- near the end of the night -- I'm a bit tired!And I made her this: The frame is 8x8


Anonymous said...

You look beautiful, Martha!!! I LOVE the red dress!!! She will LOVE her gift from you :)

Have a great day!

Beth :)

Sandy said...

You guys look fabulous! I was in awe os all the Blythes that were set-up at our Blythe get-together. We had a great time! TTYS..Sand

dawn said...

her gift is wonderful. you done good, girl.

Maija said...

Your gift to your friend is lovely, and you look STUNNING in that red dress, girlie!!

Elizabeth said...

Moica's Gift is glorious!! What a treasure that she will always adore!! great job, Miss Martha!!