Saturday, October 27, 2007

Society of Mixed Up Media Artists

Well, we met on Friday night. This month's assignment ("challenge") was based on last month's demo. We rubber stamped with Stazon on a 3"x3" piece of copper, then put it in etching solution. Mine worked quite well, but some other's didn't etch quite as well. I think that the secret is constant or frequent agitation. Hmmm -- that's kind of how I felt about creating the final piece -- agitated. We only had a month to do it -- and all of my weekends were booked up. Here's what I came up with (I borrowed the stamp from Daniza -- I think that it's Paperbag Studio):
I realized that I didn't show last month's challenge either. Here's the before and after of the September challenge. We had a theme "Must be Protected". Birds seemed like a good choice.....This is what I have to work with for next month:
When Carmi pulled it out, some of us had a great big smile. Some of us had a look of "oh, crap, what on earth can I do with this?To see what other members did with their pieces, go to Carmi's website and click on the Extraordinary and Exceptional Society of Mixed Up Media Artists. And don't forget to check out Carmi's shop -- she had great stuff to create with! (Like papers, ribbons, etc, not the dollar store things we're altering)(you have to go to the dollar store to find those....)

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Joanne Huffman said...

The etched piece is beautiful. The birds look perfect in their new home. And, I look forward to seeing what you do with your nexchallenge (I have one of those doilies tucked away somewhere).