Saturday, December 30, 2006


These are some ATCs I made for an AAO swap. The theme was "White". I'm really happy with them. I trapped little bits of ephemera between fabric and a transparency. Thank you Ruth for suggesting that I put little movable bits inside!!! There are sequins and beads in there too. Except for the little "smart" boy -- he is all paper, but I had to get that out of my system before I began on the fabric. Because that little boy has been haunting me for a year! Thank you to Sharon and Carmi who got him to me!!!! I'll give some close ups of my favourites. I call the phrenology (those heads) ones "What's inside my head" Apparently I have a lot of languages and some math in there too. Along with some fibers and beads and sequins. And pretty fabric.


Ruth Rae said...

your cards turned out so amazing!!!

martha brown said...

All because of you, Ruth!!!!Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Martha these are incredible!!! i love the vintage phrenology images too! would you consider a trade of an ATC like these? i would love to have one!