Tuesday, August 02, 2011

meet my new friends!

so, in my last post I said that I wanted to take more pictures of my friends. well, here they are!
meet my friends Keen (mary janes)

my new friends Merrel 1 and 2

Flip and Flop

I'll try to take some human friends tomorrow....
(photos taken on my balcony!)
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vivian said...

youre too funny! love that first pair of shoesy!
beautiful view! hope youre having a great time! give Maija a hug for me! and lets talk when you get back so we can plan our visit!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pix.
Great view.
Have fun

Joanne Huffman said...

Love 'em! You really do have a great view.

Barb Fine said...

*love* that we share the same friends! have a great time there!!

Heather said...

I miss you... did you know I have those Keen's??? Loves them!!