Sunday, August 14, 2011

ArtUnraveled - my friends!

A big part of AU is seeing my friends ( oh, and eating the fab omelets every morning, lol)(and eating at My Big Fat Greek Restaurant)(and happy hour)

Ruth, Maija and I - the best roomies ever!

I should ( and will) see her more often than once a year, since she lives so close)

Adena from Alabama

Lynda from Phoenix

Don and Susan Madden- who drove me to the Orange Tree, ate breakfast with me, and delivered Little Dude to me ( more on that in another post)

I didn't get a photo of some people... I'm missing Fran! I should have taken pics of Linda and Chuck who organize and host AU. Oh, well, next year :)

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Joanne Huffman said...

For some reason, I didn't take any photos of people this year; so it was an extra pleasure to look at yours.

jane eileen said...

I really enjoyed seeing all your posts. It is neat to see what things people make after reading the descriptions. I love everything you made!

dawn said...

martha, this looks like a blast
and you look adorable.