Wednesday, August 10, 2011

ArtUnraveled Day 5

No class today. today was the shopping extravaganza! I was being frugal, but I did buy one of Jane LaFazio's fabric collages.... I can't find the photo that I took, so that will come later.

Saturday was also the Artist "Showdown" and Auction. many of the teachers participated! The instructions to the artists stipulated that they could not use their " usual" materials or work in their "usual styles" . If they were caught working IN their comfort zone, their piece would be taken away! The pieces were auctioned off at the end. The money went to a scholarship fund for one or two people who can't afford to come to ArtUnraveled. Spreading the Art Love....

Jane LaFazio

Olivia Thomas

Angie Platten and Jane Eileen

Tom Ashman

Dan Carrel (Sp?)

Ruth Rae

Michael DeMeng

Michael deMeng ( the auctioneer)and Rice Freeman Zachery ( Chief heckler and MC )

I did bid on a few pieces, and I WON the last piece of the evening. Michael's mask! He was lovely enough to sign it ;) and now I have it to blackmail him. Feathers,Lace, pink, glitter and sequins,lol. although the style is typical Michael:)

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Joanne Huffman said...

I'm impressed that you were frugal on shopping day. The outside the box event looks like it was cool; I stayed in my room and finished my necklace.

Maija said...

Are you just going to put on your own personal slide show using all those photos of Michael???

Elizabeth said...

Micheal De Meng working in PINK????? that will be a very collectible piece!! I really like it not nearly as dark as some of his other stuff!! Such fun!! Don't you just love Rice- she is a hoot and so talented!!