Sunday, August 07, 2011

ArtUnraveled Day 3

Day 3 was Jane LaFazio! I just love her! I will DEFINITELY take a class from Jane again. This one was gelatin mono printing. I'll be using this in the future with the kids. I did most of mine on fabric, but I did do some on paper too.

I was too busy in the class to take any pictures of Jane :(

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vivian said...

morning martha! see youre having fun there! hugs to you and maija!

Elizabeth said...

This si an absolute blast with Kids!! I did it with 90 kids- split into two groups in 2.5 hours. We used mulberry paper so it was pretty tough and used plastic doilies and large bubble bubble wrap to take paint off the gelatin!!! the kids came in expecting to be able to eat the Jello!!! Oi!!! We did not use jello!!!