Monday, May 25, 2015

this weekend in toronto!

I will be shopping here!


Monday, March 09, 2015

Valentine Swap

Vivian organized a partner swap for Valentines Day.

I sent to Hope of Pixie's Ponderings, who lives in the UK.

Sadly, she hasn't received her parcel yet :( I am going to make her a new box this  week... and resend it. I'm still hoping that the original will arrive, but I will be sending a replacement box, regardless. (I'm so sorry Hope!) (I will send Valentine and spring themed)

I'm showing it anyway....

a heart banner....

some friendly rubber stamps...

a little house ornament, some tin hearts, a book page paper heart garland......

a heart inchie (back right)...
a heart ornament with hand dyed additions and some hand stitching (linger)

and a hand printed card

There were also many other goodies that I can't remember.
Vintage valentines from the 70's....
Edibles too! (conversation hearts, cinnamon hearts, a candycane heart,  gingerbread cookie hearts)

This is what Hope sent me!

So many goodies! A banner, some ornaments, an altered jar -- that giant clip is so fun! It's hard to see the cool crackling on the middle heart -- and there is a spool of ribbon to the left. Oops -- I left something out of the photo too -- some washi tape, but I was using it :)

Some doilies and a fabric pin (have worn it many times)!

Some altered blocks -- love these!

Thank you again, Hope -- and thank you to Viv for organizing the swap.

Sunday, March 08, 2015


Hey, look. A puddle. HEY FOLKS, SPRING IS COMING!!!!! 

But, to be realistic, I turn around and I see this.....

( look carefully, there are swans!)



Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Aunt Peaches Valentine Swap

I participated in a few Valentines swaps this year.
Aunt Peaches organized this one. I had to send 3 Valentines out to people across the world. Mine all went to the US :)

These are the cards that I sent:

 Over the past 10 years, we have made many heart prints. I hate to throw them out! So I've recycled them into cards. The actual prints were made by 3-7 year olds :)

I also added in some other goodies:

I sent Lynn in New York a garland made of old french book pages:

I sent Joanna in Ohio a fabric tag with some free motion stitching:

I sent Cyndi in Maryland a paper based tag with some fibres and stitching:

I did a partner swap with Hope in the UK -- but I can't show you what I sent yet, because she doesn't have it yet. Soon, I hope!

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Creative Kick in the Pants :) and missing Art Unraveled :(

I've been feeling  a bit un-creative lately. I needed some inspiration.
I've decided to take Kelly Kilmer's  Making My Mark: Session Two: Text 

In January, Kelly started a series of online classes -- Making My Mark. January's class was "Collage". Each month is price separately, and you can start them whenever you like, but I decided to jump in at "Text". Because I like text. I may go back and do collage though.
 (this is Kelly's montage of how she uses text -- click to get info re: the class)

I *think* that I might make mini collages that I can work into my Project life Albums.
4x6 -- maybe....
Yes, albumS -- I am making a Project Life style album of Lauren's life (The lovely Miss L)
And I am making a mini album of Mr. B and Me.
And I am making a Christmas one, lol.

I also may do these as stand alone collages to be postcards or to frame. I like my journaling to be "in your face", not in a book. I find that I don't work in books, that I abandon them.... then I get annoyed at myself for abandoning them.... I do so much better with making individual pages. I took a class from Kelly years ago , and we made post cards. I have one on my wall, and I sent away the rest. Win-win, for me.

I will decide today however. Because I am a procrastinator, and indecisive, the choosing of the journal could take me years, lol. That's why I don't do so well at online classes. My "One Little Word" for this year should have been "begin". Because that is what holds me back most of the time. The beginning.

Anyway... the info re: Kelly's class is here. Care to join me?

I miss Kelly! I used to see her (very briefly) every year at Art Unraveled in Phoenix. But I don't go to Phoenix now that I have my summer house. I miss my other friends too. sigh.... I can't have it all.... Anyway, I have taken many classes from Kelly (online and in person) and I would highly recommend her classes!
If you have time, try to go to Art Unraveled this year! August 3-11, 2015. It is looks like a fabulous line up!!!!!! The website just went live today!

If I was going, these would be what I would choose (lots of these are at the same time - this is my dream line up, lol, and only at first glance:
Mugshot by Laura Fraedrich (ceramic painting)
Cuttlefish Bone by April Bower (jewelry)
Getting your camera off auto by Marie Otero (photography)
Cigar Box Guitar by Chuck Mills (Making your own guitar -- seriously!!!)
Are you a Good Witch? by Olivia Thomas (I couldn't go to AU without a class by Olivia!!)
The Bangle Angle by Jen Cushman (Jewelry)
Hammered Cuff by Riki Schumacher (Jewelry)
Upcycled Felted and Fused by Linda Swindle  (Fibers)
Frock of Ages by Lorri Scott
 Love Your Lettering by Kelly Kilmer
Becoming by Kelly Kilmer (journaling)
The Essence of Me by Kelly Kilmer ( tape! using tape! -- I've taken this one :)
Torch Firing by Mary Hettmansperger (jewelry)

(I tend to take classes that are jewelry or fabric. If I take other classes, they have to have most supplies included. I am tired of traveling with paints, lol. Kelly Kilmer brings a gazillion supplies with her, so, I'm pretty sure that you could show up empty handed at one of her classes, and be fine :)

There are so many other classes that I could have chosen (many that I have already taken-- Jane LaFazio, Thomas Ashman, Laurie Mika, Michael deMeng, Diane Cook)

I would also like to take classes from Jesse Reno and Ingrid Djiker and Lesley Riley some day. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

reading on the subway

I love seeing people reading on the subway. It makes me happy. I read a book every week during my commute. This week I'm reading People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks. Loving it. What are you reading today?


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Port Mouton in the Winter

Some people go away to the seaside in the winter. They usually go south :) Where it is warm. I go east. Where is is not warm.
But our house in Port Mouton is very cozy. Very hygge.
We spent a glorious week there.

Here we are on Day 2 -- at Carters Beach
(please click on these photos -- they look so much better when they are large!)

 (can you see that little cape islander? it is coming in from hauling lobsters!)

Our little bit of festive decor :)

We woke up one morning and the frost looked so beautiful. I ran outside in my pajamas to take these shots!  The pond. Hence "Pond House" or Pond Cottage (what do you think of Pond Cottage?)

If you want to see more of the fantastic beaches in the area, please go to Sara Harley's blog and visit her videos of the 12 Beaches of Christmas (you will have to scroll down a bit to find them at the end of 2014). They are all within a short drive of  us. And they all look (and sound) so different.

Next up : one more post about Nova Scotia -- and then onto some art! Yes, I still make art. I don't just collect art supplies.