Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Art Unraveled Day 2

Today was Karen Michel's "Gridlock Collage". I've wanted to take a class from Karen for so long. Again, another great teacher! I finished 2 small pieces! yay!

First I prepared my wood:

Then I put the backgrounds on my grid pieces:

Then I painted my backgrounds:

Then I collaged my little pieces:

Then I did a lot more, lol. Then I was finished!!! They even have hanger things on the back!

The colours of the finished pieces are a bit off.... They look great in person :) Can you guess which one I made for Lauren?

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A bird in the hand said...

As for the one for Lauren -- duh! The piece with the L on it, of course. xoxo

nancy said...

great work!!!
looks like your enjoying your time

Fran Saperstein said...

It looks like you had fun and you sure accomplished a lot! :)

Stacy Cameron said...


Stacy Cameron said...

I cannot believe I finally cracked my google code, Have fun I will annoy you tomorrow. luv

Elizabeth said...

Two projects , both beautiful and both FINISHED !!! BRAVO girl!! Lauren will love the first one with the rower and the big L on it!!!
I was all set to take a class with Karen at Artfest but then I had to cancel the whole trip at the last minute!! sigh!!!! Have a blast and post- as I am living vicariously thu YOU!!

MarissaDW said...

I'm jealous! I love Karen Michel. I miss taking her classes. It looks like you had fun! Love your piece.

Amanda Pedro said...

ok, so I've been reading you blog for a few years and the one linked below. Did I meet her through you? Did you guys meet each other in class? Too small of a world! great job. looks like fun

Joanne Huffman said...

The photos are OK, but the look so much better in person. I love them and want to try something like this at home.