Friday, August 12, 2011

ArtUnraveled Day 7

Monday was "A Day to Dye For" . The teacher was supposed to be Lorri Scott, but Lorri has a torn retina and can't travel :( We missed you Lorri!
Glennis Dolce, aka Shibori Girl, was our teacher. I was off to a slow start ( I was so tired) but I picked up a bit in the afternoon. I didn't dye all of my silk, but I'll dye it at home.
Here are my silks (the top pic shows my stitching before I pulled it up and dyed)

the finished silk sampler (the stitched one from the pic at the top) is the top left blue white and green silk

And below are my cottons and silks dyed with indigo (the bottom ones are still wet) Glennis makes moons for Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth if you're thinking that it looks familiar:)

Glennis is SO knowledgeable about her art! She was so interesting.....

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vivian said...

wow! thats a long week of crafting! Love the cuff by the way!
glad youre having fun!

Joanne Huffman said...

It was a fun class, but I wish Lorri had been there.

Elizabeth said...

NOW that is one Fabulous substitute teacher!!! I would dye to take a class with her!!!!
Beautiful work!!!!