Monday, February 21, 2011

yarn yarn yarn

My first sock is coming along nicely:

And so is my dishcloth:

This is a pricey dishcloth though... the yarn was $12? I wonder how many I can get out of 1 ball? (skein, whatever). The colour doesn't look right on my monitor -- it is a more orangey pink. Not quite salmon.....

I like crocheting and knitting. People have asked what I like more, but I can't really answer that. I'm better at knitting (faster) .


Halle said...

I'm having so much trouble getting the knack of knitting. I can crochet a whole scarf in a couple of hours but knitting makes me want to drink... ARG! Yet I REALLY want to learn so I can make fun things like socks!

Joanne Huffman said...

I just finished the second sock of a pair that was supposed to be a Christmas present. I love handmade socks, but it takes me forever to knit a pair.

missy k said...

I've just completed my first granny square! I am so happy to have taught myself..... it was a new years resolution.

I was practising on dishcloth wool.... silly me - i didn't realise is it really for dishcloths????

I think its a while before I shall be tackling anything like socks!!! Yours look lovely!