Friday, February 18, 2011

Nice people gave me gifts :)

Lauren gave me this card/tag (can you see her influences?, lol) And she made me this heart. On the back she says that I'm the coolest mom ever. But she is very clear to point out that I'm not really cool -- I'm a cool mom. Apparently there is a HUGE difference :P

Ray gave me gifts already -- my sock knitting class (have finished the ribbing on one -- that's about 2 inches, lol). And he bought me a tiny Tamar Mogendorff bird in a cage. And he bought this pin for me at the Love and Rummage sale at the Workroom. It's by bookhou -- I think that it's cut out of plexi? It's funny -- I have 3 different bird pins (spanning about 6 years) made by her!

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Joanne Huffman said...

Very nice presents for a very nice person.