Tuesday, February 01, 2011

14 Valentines in 14 Days - Day 1

Okay -- the problem with 14 Valentines in 14 days is that I started today -- Feb 1. What's the problem? I can't photograph them! It's too dark! Tonight I made a few garlands using some french text. I punched out a pile of hearts and then I stitched them together. I made one horizontal garland and a 3d vertical one. Here are some dark photos. Consider them "photographs with ambience".
My favourite is the garland at the top which is in my kitchen window with my pinecone garland.

If tomorrow is a "snow day" I'll be able to make my valentines and photograph them in the (semi) light. There hasn't been a snow day in Toronto since I've been a teacher, so it's not likely to happen :).


vivian said...

hope youre getting a snow day today! we have one. well, the schools are all closed the roads are crap and Im giving myself one.
yay! snow day! And, i have projects to work on!
have a nice day martha. Love your garlands! looking forward to the next 13 projects!

Joanne Huffman said...

I love your garlands (photographed with such great ambiance). We're having a snow day here today, I hope you get one.

Sandy Michelle said...

Start photographing 'cause today is SNOW DAY :)

Michaele said...

I've had three snow/inclement weather days in a row so I've been able to make it through the 700+ OWOH blogs- HAD to come back to see what a fellow kindergarten teacher has been doing during this wintery weather!

A crafty valentine challenge? How fun!