Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Today is all about Red White and Pink. I got so many beautiful Valentines from my kiddies at school. We've had a fun week making hearts, mail bags and valentines for moms and dads. Lots of collaged paper, punched out hearts, stickers and of course LOTS OF GLITTER! I LOVE glitter. The caretakers don't but they are learning that I don't really care if they sweep up every single little bit.

I'm working on lots of art right now:
- coffee cuffs (all finished for the swap, but I need more for gifts. I love them! Thanks, Sammy for the inspiration, and giving me a reason to make them!)(The cuff to the right was a gift for Cori)
- fabric charms for 2 different swaps (these will be very cool)
- RR books - One with a "Wings" Theme; a turquoise and lime one; a zetti themed one, and a calendar journal!

The RR books have priority!

I will post the progress over the next few days.


sammy said...

Oh my gosh this one is amazing! I can not wait to see the ones you made for the swap!

OH, I got a envelope Martha of circus photo's for you, just need your home addy so I can send them off... email me...

uncertainvoyage said...

I love it! Thank you very much.