Saturday, February 24, 2007

I'm officially a Mixed Up Media Artist

I went to Carmi's club meeting last night. Very fun times. We had a show and tell, and we played with stuff like UTEE (ultra thick embossing enamel). I made these bottle cap collages! Carmi demoed wax collage too, but we ran out of time so we didn't play with that yet.

Our assignment for next month is to alter some honkin' big wooden beads. They have to remain beads, and then we will trade them! We'll have a honkin' big bead necklace (10 beads) LOL. I'd post a picture of them, but I've already lost them (just kidding, Carmi, I really mean misplaced them)(you'd totally believe me if you saw my studio space) (just kidding, mom, it's perfectly spotless and ready for your visit this week). Check back in April (very end) for the final results...

Aracely gave us all very pretty bookmarks from Mexico. Thanks Aracely!

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uncertainvoyage said...

These are pretty. Nicely done.