Sunday, February 18, 2007

Losing Faith

It's been a rough month for my daughter, Lauren. A few weeks ago she was doing her homework in Starbucks and someone stole her laptop out of her knapsack. She was right there. It was sitting, propped against the wall behind her. She was devastated. Lost faith in strangers. She was so sad when she came to tell me.
She needed a computer for school, so we lent her Ray's laptop. She never took it to Starbucks, or left it out of her sight. Then she had a party on Friday night. Someone took the laptop, along with my cellphone (she has her own apartment, but she uses the cellphone. Then I don't worry so much). I have never seen her so distraught and disillusioned with life. She has lost faith in friends.
Today I'm going to make her some faith themed art. And maybe some good luck charms too! Any ideas for any good luck images? Other than horseshoes or rabbits feet? If anyone else wants to send her a card, I'd be happy to send you her address. She needs to know that some people give: not everyone takes.
No joy in mudville this weekend.......


Anonymous said...

how terrible! These are one of those moments I don't know what to say. Let's just hope things will get better for her and you.


jackie L. said...

OOH, Nooo!, this is unbelievable, but yet it happened, poor Lauren, this is just too much. My symbols of faith are butterflies and dragonflies, esp. butterflies they transform from somethin that can't fly to something beautiful that inspite for their fragility the monarch migrates all the way to Mexico. this to me is completely amazing. Also angels and angel wings. What I hold onto the most when everything seems totally hopeless is the love of God.

A bird in the hand said...

That still sounds horrible! (I was felled down by that stomach problem and now the pain has subsided and I thought I'd check in before going to bed; it's midnight).

I'd love to send Lauren a card/note. xox

sammy said...

Martha... no wonder she is upset... I would be happy to send her a card and little something so she will know that a lot of us care and are very nice people!

You should share this info on the Fabric group also, I know several who would send her a card.

Dotee said...

Martha, I am so sorry to hear this. And to hear how hard Lauren is taking this.

I would LOVE to send her a little something from Australia.

Warm hugs to you

Dotee xoxo

Marissa Decepida-Wong said...

What a horrible to thing to happen! Sorry to hear that. I would love to send a card to Lauren.


uncertainvoyage said...

This really stinks. I'll post a card for her soon. Its not all bad out there. {{{hugs}}}

starbrat1972 said...

Hey.. I too have a daughter struggling with faith in people. My daughter has been in the hospital for almost 3 months & the doctors can't figure out what is going on with her. When a 13 year old VERY active girl gets this ill it is for a reason! Anyway, I would like to send your daughter a little something, maybe just to let her know some people are still good. That faith can still be built upon & I am working on what comes around goes around! The wonders of modern medicine aren't working so maybe karma will!!! If you want to e-mail me with an address I will send her a little surprise with some faith thrown in!! Take care! Heather & Little Sick Sheridan! Also, here is her web site to look at if you are