Saturday, February 24, 2007

Lucky Fairy

I made this fairy today for Lauren (at Kelley's class). It looks much more dimensional in person. Colette and I had lots of fun. I made 3 junk figures. One is for Halloween, so I'll post that in October! The other one is unfinished (even though I started that one first)


A bird in the hand said...

It looks great! Did you add something to the left side?

I just hung my three up, but it's too dark to photograph. I'll do that tomorrow.

btw another bus pulled up right after the one going North and it took me to Yonge & Bloor where my line was functioning normally.

I had a great time. You're my bestest friend!!!! xox

Dotee said...

Fantastic work Martha! Sounds like you and the lovely Colette had so much fun!!

It must have been great to work on something so different!

Jo Wholohan said...

wholly cow martha!!!!! this is ssooooo amazing