Monday, February 27, 2012

What I'm coveting today :)

I can't stop thinking about these shoes. green or eggplant. ..........sigh.......... maybe all of my shoes will wear out at once and I'll HAVE to buy new ones :)


MarissaDW said...

Love this! It looks really comfy

Kim Mailhot said...

Had the green ones. I wore them out in the three years I had them. They probably would have lasted even longer but I feel in the lake with them ! ;-)
Just got the purple ones. Love them ! So comfortable, cute and even eco-freindly ! If you decide to break your vow of not buying anything, they are a worthy purchase !

vivian said...

I like them too! I would want them in brown or navy! And I really do need new shoes!
have a great day!

Heather said...

I have those with the backs! In that color. I saw them on someone at ArtFest and tracked them down and they are SO COMFORTABLE! Get them!

jocelyn said...

So who makes these babies? They look like a must have!! You've earned a reward for good behaviour! xo

Halle said...

ok..those are gorgeous! What is the brand??