Sunday, February 05, 2012

This week at the library

I'm still working at blogging through the phone . Please be patient with me. Typing on the minuscule keyboard is ridiculous!

I'm finding so many great books at the library. Push Stitchery is fabulous. If you like surface embroidery, you'll love this. Go take it out of your library!
All of these were great to look through. If I was going to buy one, it would be Practical textiles Techniques ( almost hidden on the right). I'll take it out of the Library again for sure.

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vivian said...

hi Miss Martha! phone blogging! sounds like a lot of work! but I'm glad youre doing it so I can keep track of you. I hope you get your charms this week. YOu said something about confirmation on the package, I was told I couldnt use confirmation on a package going out of the country. who knows! but I do hope it gets to you tomorrow!
big hugs!!

Joanne Huffman said...

I'm impressed by your phone blogging. I couldn't ipad blog from Africa and haven't tried since.

jocelyn said...

I'm thinking I need to hire you for a tutorial on phone blogging - that would be great while travelling. Have a great week!