Friday, February 10, 2012

Five Faves Friday! Favourite Clothing Stores

I'm not buying any new clothes this year, so, of course I am lusting over EVERYTHING. I always wear leayers. They are just... me....
My favourite places to buy clothes are:

1. Anthropologie. I swoon over it all!

(I love this jumper from Anthro - click on the pic)

2. The Gap -- all of my jeans come from here. Perfect Boot and Forever Skinny.

3. Banana Republic -- T Shirts -- So soft and fabulous quality!

4. Free People -- love these clothes more than any other.

5. Treehouse 28 on etsy --The best custom made tshirts and dresses!Link

There are always so many clothing designers at the One of a Kind show that I love too. Susan Harris makes the best repurposed sweaters


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Costco for workout stuff

Talbots for the classics

LLBean for the big corduroy shirts

Windsmoor for dressy

The Bay - for all the other labels

MarissaDW said...

Oh I like Treehouse 28. I checked out their site.

I love Esprit, but realized that they're closing the stores in US and Canada.