Saturday, October 29, 2011

True Colors

I finally had a bit of time to do some of my own art. Well, these pages are for Saundra's book. I'm currently in a "round robin". Some people have asked me what this is, and why I do them.


In 2004 I had to got to my favourite Rubber Stamp, Great Impressions (now Bizzie B's) store to buy a gift for my friend Meep. When I was there I saw this fabulous book -- True Colors: A Palette of Collaborative Art Journals, published by Stampington.

True Colors showcases the art of 15 amazing mixed media artists. Each artist chose a journal and a colour scheme and then sent it on to the next artist, who would work in the book, using the colours that the journal 'owner' had selected. This book was the most wonderful book that I had ever seen. Seriously.

I went home and thought about the book for days. At the time, I had NO money -- I was a single parent and I had gone back to school (teachers college). So I scraped together every cent I had and walked back to the store (it's about 5 miles) (each way) and bought the book. At the time it was $50 Canadian (our dollar was low). Pricey. But so worth it. It lit a fire in me. I searched the internet for some way that I too could do this. Then I found ArtChix Studio, and entered the world of online yahoo communities (Sadly, Art Chix doesn't have a yahoo group any more).

I found a wonderful Round Robin Group (thanks to Julie for believing in me and letting me join!). I now have many beautiful journals of my own... and I have personally met half of those True Colors artists. I've told them what an impact they made on my life. It truly was a life changing experience. Well worth the fact that we had to live on Kraft Dinner and Campbells soup for a month to make up for it (Sorry Miss L).

This led to an interest in Artist Trading Cards, and also to forays into many different kinds of mixed media. My deepest love is still for fabric based projects, but art journaling still is high up there in my list of things that I love to do.

Many thanks to Stampington and the fifteen True Colors Artists!
Please click on a name to visit their websites or blogs. Many of them teach -- I would not say no to a class taught by any one of these talented women :)

Lynne Perrella
(buy her books or take her classes!)
Sarah Fishburn (Pasticcio Quartz is a must -read)
Teesha Moore (read the blog, go to the retreat (artfest) or buy some rubber stamps)
Marylinn Kelly
Linn C. Jacobs (sadly, Linn has passed away)
Michelle Ward (read her blog, take a challenge or buy some fabulous rubber stamps!)
Anne Bagby
Karen Michel (I can't even begin to gush enough about Karen)
Monica Riffe (no website :(
Claudine Hellmuth (I so want to take a class from Claudine! Please come to Toronto!)
Lisa Renner (I keep missing her classes at ArtUnraveled. Next year for sure)
Judi Riesch
Keely Barham (now Keeley Benkey) (Keeley is lovely)
Nina Bagley (Nina makes me laugh every time I see her -- she is so.... Nina)
Lisa Hoffman

You can read more about these artists on Seth Apters Blog

Lynne Perrella
Marylinn Kelly
Michelle Ward & Lisa Renner
Lisa Hoffman & Judi Riesch
Anne Bagby & Karen Michel
Teesha Moore & Monica Riffe
Sarah Fishburn & Keeley Benkey
Nina Bagley

Linn Jacobs


nancy said...

it truely inspired me and so many others, a must have for any mixed media artist!!!

Joanne Huffman said...

I like your page and agree about True Colors.

Elizabeth said...

LOVE TRUE COLORS!!! I Ran two True Colors RR's awhile back - Great fun even though one of my books went missing. We had two groups of ten going and I had a book in each group!!! These are such fun!!

A bird in the hand said...
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A bird in the hand said...

I just had to say the page in Saundra's book is fabulous. Great job ;)