Sunday, October 30, 2011


Poppytalk is another design blog that I follow.

They too have put out a "lookbook" called Indie Love. It's a book of indie handmade and vintage goods from around the world.

It's the digital edition highlighting artists from the Poppytalk handmade shop.

Perfect eye candy. And it's extra special for me because Jan, the owner, is Canadian :)

This is a room with super fabulous wallpaper that she posted (and that I pinned :)

And check out this totally inspiring laundry room (definitely puts my concrete block walls to shame) . Jan has posted 12 Laundry Rooms (and closets) to be inspired by on Babble. (another one of my favourite sites)


Joanne Huffman said...

Whoever thought cute laundry rooms could be a category of postings!

donna!ee said...

how cool! thank you much for sharing your finds ... :)

Elizabeth said...

Must visit Poppytalk!! sounds wonderful!! Have you painted your cinder block walls- in ALL OF your FREE time!!???? It does make a huge difference and one can even start to think that they are no longer cinder block!!!