Sunday, January 28, 2007

Fabric pages in progress....

It went from this: To this:
The top pic shows my fabric and trim and the bottom pic shows the fronts of the 4x4 pages. I still have to embellish them (beads, sequins and embroidery thread), then make the backs, then bind them and add fibers around the edges (maybe). The images (faces) are by Teesha Moore.

Who knew that you couldn't complete 16 fabric pages (fronts and backs) in 1 day..........? I gathered my fabric (purples, blues and greens) and away I went. I'm still going. They ar 4"x4".I've made the fronts of more than 20, (I had the bright idea that I'd make extra for trades). These are for an ArtFest Fabric Fatbook. I have to mail them this week. Then Sara will bind them and give them to us at ArtFest. I'll have a 15 page book. The extra page is to make a book for Teesha Moore, the host of ArtFest (with husband Tracy). I'm loving them so far. I want to keep them all. I'll post the final pages within the next day or so -- and of course, I'll post the final book -- but you'll have to check back in the first week of April. (ArtFest is in Port Townsend, WA, from March 28-April 1)
( so far I've used 3 spools of thread and made a teeny weeny dent in the pile of fabric)


uncertainvoyage said...

Just fabulous! I want one too. lol.

Susan Williamson said...

Golly Martha, these pages just look scrumptious!

sammy said...

these pages are totally awesome! Love all the colors and of course the face... would love to see you share them to our group!


Dotee said...

Oh my goodness Martha! I decided to pop over to your blog for some eye candy and I said ' oh wow' to the screen! I loved the before photo (am a big Kaffe Fasset fan)and the pages you made are beyond amazing. So fresh and orginal.

The zetti images look wonderful on the fabric pages (am sure Teesha will be thrilled with her copy). What a wonderful swap. Anyone would be so happy to have one of your pages.

Well done, clever, clever you!!

Ruth Rae said...

these pages are fantastic!
I hope we are in the same fabric book :)