Monday, January 22, 2007


Lynnette April's book colour is red and black. I chose the song "Red" by Treble Charger


Saw you looking for a light
Face painted cigarette white
You asked the cleanest boy you found
You couldn't see me turned around
His fingers stretched across your empty gaze
That I just can't escape

As the red fades from your wrinkled dress
A picture of the people you've impressed
Hangs on a wall around here
Vision starts to crawl when I'm near
And the evening waits
While you get caught up to your own mistakes
Made up different lines
I wouldn't wanna keep in my mind

I wondered why you'd come around
Remembering your little girl frown
Your answers kept the crowd at bay
With compliments unwilling to pay
I had some things I'd like to say to you
But they just can't be true


Anonymous said...

LOVE the Zettiness of the bottom page!!!

Beth :)

Dotee said...

This is delicious Martha! So bold and colorful.

uncertainvoyage said...

It turned out really nice. IMO she is going to be really happy when she gets her book back.